CREST13 - Centers for the Restitution, Investigation and Education of the Natural Mind

  • Project #1:
    13-20 "Timeships"
    USD $20,000

    [Plan][Golden Ratio Spiral]Help us build the 13-20 timeships by donating wood and roofing materials.  $3.10 per eucalyptus plank, we need 3000 planks per building for the 13-20 spiraling roof (based on phi ratio and cosmic egg curvature)  for a total of $9300 in wood and approximately $6000 per timeship for the protective roof covering (shingles, etc).
  • Project #2:
    Plant 400 Fruit Trees
    USD $1,600

    We plan on creating a self sustainable "garden of eden" with fruit trees, legumbres trees, medicinal trees and native trees, all organically grown without chemicals or petroleum based fertilizers. Trees cost between $1-$9 ... averaging about $4 per tree. We have planted about 100 trees. Please help us by donating other trees. At this point in the permaculture plan, we would like to plant a total of 400 trees.
  • Project #3:
    Biofiltration System
    USD $6000

    Building the biofiltration system for the black and grey water.  Part of being self sustainable and not impacting the environment with waste is to recycle it in the natural way through a biofiltration system of channels, ponds and plants which naturally filter and break down the components of the waters to create great natural fertilizers and beautiful ponds abundant with plant life and fish. The estimated cost of a 40 person biofiltration system here in Ecuador is $6000 and this can be expanded to an 80 person system later on with the addition of another pond.
  • Project #4:
    Connecting to Potable P3 Water
    USD $5000

    There are 5 main sources of water we can connect to for the center.  We are connected to 2 sources currently...the town of Niebli spring water and the swiss water system.  The swiss water is great for irrigation but has a higher mineral concentration so it is not as good for potable (drinking) water.  The town's spring is beautiful clean pure potable water.  We would like to connect to one more spring at this point which comes from another area in the hacienda.  We have acquired the water rights to connect to this spring and with labor, piping, pump and the storage tank it will cost approximately $5000.  This is a beautiful pure source of potable water that flows at a rate of 1.5 liters per second.
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Ecuador - Galactic Spiritual Center


Updated 3 Apr 2013


Ecuador, Niebli de Monjas, Pichincha. Inside
the Reserva Geobotanica Pululahua (inside the nature reserve.
Just Northwest of Quito, Ecuador in the equatorial zone at .05360 latitude corresponding to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy at 05 sagitarrius 36.


We purchased land on earth day 2010 and moved to Ecuador from the United States in Dec of 2010. We are currently building the Center at this time and have finished the foundations of the 4 modules centered around the larger geodesic dome. There are 4 buildings each with 3 sides which makes the 12 sides of the dodecagon going into the 13 with the large geodesic dome in the center which goes from 20 ft tall to 33 ft tall. The height dimensions are 13 ft high rising and curving in a phi ratio or cosmic egg to 20 ft at the top of the buildings. Everything is based on the sacred geometry grid of the new Jerusalem… see "Sacred Site for Tyberron", Land Map & Plan and photos below. All the foundational posts and structure are being put in this week and next.


Jennifer Alvarez,
Uriel Light,


English primarily and then Spanish (Jaime is fluent)


The Website is under construction, we have a rudimentary google site up with a basic brochure, we will send you new website and information in the coming few months.

Site Structure

Present buildings being constructed: The 4 modules that form the dodecagon equalling 4320 square feet total.

There is the Family module in the water (NE) direction. This module contains the Alvarez family and offices including music composition room.

There is the Kitchen/Café/Bathrooms Module in the Fire(SE) direction.

There is the Auditorium/Massage Room/Small Meeting Room module in the Earth (SW) direction. (we may use the massage room and small meeting room (each about 300 plus sq ft) as women's and men's temporary dormitories until other hostel structures are completed).

There is the Media/Library/Uriel's suite in the Air (NW) direction. All openings between buildings to get into inner Hexagon and geodesic dome spiritual meditation and gathering space are in the cardinal directions N, S, E, W.

Storage area with extra outside bathrooms is being contructed nearby.

Future Planned Structures very close to main center: Indoor/Outdoor Rustic Hostel (33 ftx33ft), Enclosed Hostel with private baths (33 ft x 53.39- golden rectangle), Spa (33 ft x 53.39 ft), Waterfall to fish pond in 3 sections, self cleaning chemical free pool, Yoga grounds, Gazebo area, Amphitheater. East Gate overlooking river, West Gate at entrance to main center.

Future planned Structures: North and South Gates which are covered by smaller geodesic domes, Community Living – houses, dwellings, for community and longer term speakers and guests, Labyrinths, Mandalas, Tree Of Life, Tree house in Cypress grove for meditation, Meditation Building at Northern end of land closest to river.

Permaculture design with self sustaining agro forest design-will include more detail in other documents.

Land Size

22 hectares

Number of permanent kin residing

3 adults and 4 light children

Details for visitors

Volunteers in return for accommodation and board (basic fruits and veggies and things we have on land and are growing on land. We will have a few goats for milk and cheese and chickens for farm fresh organic eggs and tilapia in our pond for those that do add some healthy animal based proteins to their diet.) We also plan to have some bees to provide pollen, honey, propolis, etc. The students can contribute for their learning experience on a donation basis.

For those doing retreats, prices vary according to accommodations and food needs i.e. camping, indoor/outdoor hostel or hostel with private baths or longer term housing.


People knowledgeable with composting toilets, biofiltration systems, permaculture design with an emphasis on self-sustainability and more forestry with fruit trees, etc., Builders, construction in wood, bamboo, cement blocks, alternative building techniques that are eco friendly, plumbers, electricians, off grid living experts for putting in solar panels, ovens, hydropower from river, artists for murals, gardeners, stoneworkers, water feature, ponds, etc. Building amphitheaters and geodesic domes in center and south and north gates, sculptors, musicians for composing projects, woodworkers/carpenters and anyone else that feels called to contribute their talents and gifts and be a part of the vision to form a collective conscious.

Daily Practices

Yoga, meditation in nature or with music, being still and knowing oneness and unity, walking labyrinths and connecting to nature, Tai Chi or Chi Gong.

General Overview and comments

Building a community of collective consciousness and being united to lifting up our world into a higher realm by just being without attachment flowing in the cosmic consciousness of unfoldment, creating heaven on earth.

Being self sustainable thru permaculture agro forestry and being in harmony and unity with the earth and guided by our connection with the heavens. Living in the uniting of the mind and the heart connection of the male and female into unity and peace.


None at this time


None at this time


A few updated photos from last week of our progress with the building of the center and the beginnings of planting the fruit trees as part of our permaculture plan to be self sustainable.

[Construction Frame]

Interior Construction

Construction Frame




[Golden Ratio Spiral]

[Hand-drawn schematic of Land]
[3D Construction model]
[Construction schematic][Hand-drawn construction schematic]
[Google Earth image][Google Earth image]

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