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Mexico - El Jardin: Medicine Land Project - Palenque


Updated 7 Oct 2012


Palenque Chiapas Mexico in front of the ancient Mayan temples, between the cowfields, aside of the national park.




"El Jardin"


Spanish, English, German, a little French


Site Structure

1 Yoga and Meditation platform, 2 fire ceremonial places, 1 communal kitchen, 3 dormitorio huts for around 6 people each, camping space, food garden, plenty of trees.

Land Size

2 hectares

Number of permanent kin residing


Details for visitors

Visitors: 150 pesos (around 12 Dollars), includes one night's lodging in the dormitorio and food (100 pesos if you have your own tent).

Volunteers: Minimum 1 Month stay, (first week is 100 pesos per night with around 4 hours volunteering, afterwards 50 pesos per day… food included).


Permaculturists, constructors, people who can share workshops in healing matters, musicians, open hearted people is welcome.

Daily Practices

Every morning we practice yoga and a collective meditation and in the evenings mostly chanting circles. We make sweat-lodges "Temazcallis", periodically, and fire ceremonies.

General Overview and comments

We hold a space of ´inner and collective transformation with the hope and faith in action of unification, to resonate with other awakening communities in order to create the changes needed to be in peace and harmony with the Earth. This process requires our highest vibration… which is love… and our life dream is to generate, honour and nourish the respect, gratitude and service.


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