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CREST13 Resource Center - Report #4


The closing of the cycle marked a turning point: a time to reassess and re-envision the purpose of the Resource Centre.

We found ourselves questioning whether to stay on here or whether to sell up and move on.  We questioned whether our purpose here had been fulfilled.  Our contemplations revealed that our purpose as the Resource Centre was really only beginning.

What became clear was that this is a critical time we are now living in.  We are between the worlds, between the closing of the cycle (Solstice 2012) and the opening of the new cycle (Galactic Synchronisation – July 26th).  It is during this time that our thoughts, actions and intentions are creating the template, or blueprint, for the new world.  It is imperative that we be attuned to consciously co-creating the highest vision for our world.

On the Magnetic Wind, we were blessed to welcome our dear friend Arundi, Crystal Warrior, to the Resource Centre.  He brings with him a wealth of information and knowledge, a gentle presence, and a keen enthusiasm for Natural Home building.  Please check out his article on his plans to build a cob house, another fabulous resource to add to our existing housing options including the yurts, dome and tipi.

The synchronicities surrounding Arundi’s arrival indicate the divine perfection in the timing of his arrival.  Ishram, Overtone Hand + Ashani, Rhythmic Earth + Arundi, Crystal Warrior = Planetary Sun.  We then discovered that the year we are currently living (Ishram, Magnetic Human + Ashani, Self-Existing Hand + Arundi, Overtone Dragon) also adds to Planetary Sun.  Arundi arrived in the Moon Out Of Time.  In the 441 Synchronotron practice the cumulative figure for the entire Moon Out Of Time, when reduced to its kin equivalent, was also Planetary Sun!

I Perfect in order to Enlighten
Producing Life
I seal the Matrix of Universal Fire
With the Planetary tone of Manifestation
I am Guided by the Power of Elegance

I perfect in order to enlighten!  This was our cue.  Isn’t this the true purpose of the Resource Centre, to perfect in order to enlighten.  It was suddenly crystal clear that we needed to focus our energies into bringing the Resource Centre to it’s highest potential so that it can be a place for others to visit and learn.  The key function of the Resource Centre has always been to help others making the shift to sustainable living, whether that be in Peace Gardens or CREST Centres, but it’s time to take things to a new level.

It is our vision to be a fully operational model of sustainable living, 13:20 style!  Whereby we live sacredly: in harmony with self; in harmony with others; in harmony with nature.  We hope to inspire others who may be contemplating such a move or those who simply want to make changes towards a more sustainable future.  Ultimately, we aspire to a peaceful world where the evolution of the soul takes precedence.  The key to this vision is the 13 Moon calendar, the tool to unify the collective thought field.

So with new life breathed into the existing structure we looked with fresh eyes for inspiration.  As with any creative process, it seems the next step is not fully revealed until we complete the current one.   Our current challenge is to create an abundant food garden.  We do have an orchard as well as our herb and vegetable gardens however, growing on quartz land in extreme weather conditions with minimal knowledge or gardening experience has meant for a rocky start and sporadic food supply.  Having an abundant food supply is essential if we are to release another layer of dependency on external systems.

According to Gabriel Cousens, in his book ‘Conscious Eating’, our food choices and the way we live our lives reflect the state of harmony with oneself, the world, all of creation and the Divine.  He states that, ‘Conscious Eating is the awareness of how the food we eat affects our body, emotions, mind and spiritual life.  It is understanding how what we eat directly affects the planetary ecology and the degree of peace we have with the human and animal life on this planet, and even who lives and starves to death.’  So food, what we eat and where we source it, is an important factor for a peaceful new world.  Eating fresh food, grown and prepared with love, preferably from your own garden is a key to a healthier and more harmonious life on all levels of being.

So, it’s back to the drawing board!  Under the resourceful guidance of Crystal Warrior and the inherent wisdom of Overtone Hand we are now going back to basics and learning the fundamental ingredients for healthy plants and happy food growing.  More on this soon!  Hopefully we pull it all together with a dash of elegance making for a more aesthetically pleasing ambience.

We look forward to sharing this next stage of our journey with you as, together, we dream the highest dream for humanity and our beloved Mother Earth.

With love,
Rhythmic Earth